School Boards and Governance

4. Jun, 2018

AICD have recently released an article "Should directors brave a school board?" AICD's article gave a few case studies. The issue of culture comes up once or twice.

The issue is not new. Early in 2016, there was a bit of a ruckus going on in Sydney town. The board from Scots College had got away (with apologies to Banjo Paterson) from its core purpose, according to some. The Australian of February 24, 2016 included commentary that:

The decision to override the Scots College board in Sydney over governance issues should strike fear into the hearts of a who’s who of corporate Australia who serve on the councils of our nation’s top private schools.

Following is a link to a speech I gave in response to the 2016 events:

I wrote a little book on the subject of school governance:

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